The Daunting Task – All There Is To It – Is To Do It!

Our decision to do this has been met with a combination of disbelief, disapproval, and discouragement (the three D’s) from some sectors in our life and from others it has been enthusiasm, encouragement, and excitement. All of the responses are understandable and appreciated – but of course we prefer the latter. There is a lot to be gained though from the ‘negative’ reactions though – those friends and family members who have met our decision with one of the three D’s are doing us a great service. They are testing our resolve, making sure that we think through our plans, and providing a very healthy dose of realism so that we aren’t caught wearing rose colored glasses while walking around with our pants down (because frankly there are few things more enjoyable than a completely mixed metaphor).

And, with all of that, we continue on, marching towards the daunting task ahead of us. You may ask, which daunting task? Travelling around the world? Planning the trip? Finding sponsors? Figuring out the logistics? Discovering the money to make this a reality? Learning how to play ukuleles – as a family? Figuring out how to make YouTube Videos that build an audience? Connecting with our causes? Yes – all of those, but at the moment – each of those Herculean feats pales in comparison to the most immediate concern.

Is the suspense there yet? Have I built it up enough? (Drumroll please!)

The greatest challenge we face at the moment is shrinking our life down to three bags and three passports. Our immediate daunting task is to liquidate all of our possessions and to do it in the most orderly way possible. Ours is not a modest hoard of belongings – over the past four years we have made a business out of buying and selling – not just buying and selling small items – but buying and selling entire estates, massive and overstuffed storage lockers, and filling a large antique shop to the gills with books, jewelry, collectibles, furniture, and all manner of things. Our house (which I am thankful we do not own) is filled with the best of the things we have found in this business and the things we have enjoyed. We have conducted many estate sales over the years we have been here and thankfully, we have learned how to liquidate a small to medium estate in a weekend and a large estate over a series of weekends, but we have never attempted to liquidate so much as we will be selling over the next few months. Vehicles, trailers, display cases, furniture, collections of coins, jewelry, carpets, an entire library of book (because close to half of our store is dedicated to books), art, pottery, toys, dolls, and more. This is the daunting task and it is not made more simple by the rain which this year threatens to never stop for more than a few hours at a time.

We had an antique mall space in Coos Bay which I am closing down over the next few days – it was a large space, several big rooms packed to the brim. I had hoped that we would be able to sell a significant amount of our inventory there, but ultimately, even in the larger market of Coos Bay, the rain and economic worries were keeping wallets in pockets and shoppers in their homes. I don’t blame the mall which I’m sure will do better when the weather improves, but it didn’t work out to be what we had hoped. My plan at the moment is fairly simple – at the end of May there is a big citywide garage sale in Reedsport. We will sell everything that we do not need for two months of life in our house at that point. In June, I will (if my shop has not found a buyer by that point) liquidate the entire contents of our shop using our tried and true formula of 25% off, then 50% off, then 70% off, then 75% off and finally a dollar sale on inventory and a sale of our fixtures and display. It is possible that I will need to continue this sale into July.But by the end of July our shop will be gone and our little community paper will either be sold or shut down as well. In July or possibly August, we will have an Estate sale at our house before we move out and into our Vanagon for a month – at this sale we will sell anything that is left in the house or from the shop.

By September – we will be houseless, have our tickets paid for, and have our itinerary laid before us. That is the daunting task and all there is to it, is to do it.

The Impossible Dream

My dad was a vocalist. He was in several bands and well known as a powerhouse singer in the little town we lived in when I was a kid. One of the songs I most clearly remember him singing is The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote). It has always been one of my favorite musicals and books…Don Quixote has always been this wonderful figure in my imagination. Maybe it’s because I hear him singing with my dad’s voice. I don’t know.

Sometimes this feels like an impossible dream. The planning and preparation for this journey are going well. All the ducks seem to be lining up – but when I stop and think about it – I have to admit, it sounds crazy. Like jousting at windmills. My dad thinks I’m putting my family at risk, I can feel the disapproval of others. There are so many reasons not to do this – like the fact that we don’t even know how to play our ukuleles yet – and yet – we are learning. This glorious quest is coming to life. Each day we are finding more reasons to do this. Each day we are moving closer to making this a reality.

Introducción: D# D B Am-F-Am F C

G D G Bm
To dream… the impossible dream…
C F C-Am
To fight… the unbeatable foe…
Bm D C
To bear… with unbearable sorrow…
G Am C D A#
and to run… where the brave dare not go…
G Bm C
To right… the unrightable wrong…
D Am Am
and to love… pure and chaste from afar…
Bm C
To try… when your arms are too weary…
Am G C D
and to reach… the unreachable star…
Am G Em
This is my quest, to follow that star…
Bm G C
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far…
Am C Em D#
To fight for the right, without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause…
Am Em C E C F B
and I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
Am C
that my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
D Em B C-D C
when I’m laid to my rest______.
G D Bm
And the world will be better for this:
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Am Bm D C
still strove, with his last ounce of courage…
Am G D Fm
To reach… the unreachable star…
Bm D G Bm D G E
the unreachable, the unreachable star____________.

Am F#m Am Em-C-Bm D C

And I leave a impossible dream
Em D Em
And I leave a impossible dream

C Bm
and to reach… the unreachable
the unreachable star

Our First Sponsor! Ukulele Course for Kids by Raising Davinci

We are incredibly stoked to announce that we have our first sponsor. Amanda from Raising Davinci has provided us with their amazing Ukulele Course for kids for no charge. The course is great – we’ve already started it and find the workbook to be easy to understand and fun to follow – the videos are just the right length for short lessons and provide enough information to make sure that the ukulele play time which follows is productive and fun.

(To get to the course just follow the link above and you will find the ukulele course and the photography course for kids on the right sidebar.)

Amanda has a degree in fine arts and that comes through on the site – her background in photography means that we are really looking forward to taking her Photography Course for Kids too and what I particularly love is that Raising Davinci is a homeschool site that isn’t focused on religion, instead it is focused on creativity. The arts and literacy are important to me, but her site also has a strong focus on STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math. Her site has very quickly become a favorite of mine and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it too.

Raising Davinci is not only inspirational and educational – it’s also fun – which is what learning should always be!

Aloha, World!

ukulele Sophia

This is our first post – the site is still being built, but that needs to happen with the site visible. Here is our first video – it’s Sophia singing to her first pet – A Siamese Fighting Fish (Beta) named Rune, which means happiness in Thai…to learn about who we are, our upcoming trip around the world, and more, visit the pages I’ve written on the sidebar.