Plan Flexibility – Loosening Up

Things change – that’s one thing you can know about life. Things change. For us, we have reconsidered how best to go about this trip at the outset. Instead of booking all the tickets and having it all laid out ahead of us, we’ve decided to take a more stress-free approach and will only work on two or three steps at a time. So, for the moment, we are getting rid of everything, learning to play Ukulele, then we are going to go to the 2017 Solar Eclipse, and then we are going to move out of our house and head to Hawaii. That’s plenty to plan for the moment.

Once we are in Hawaii, we will catch our breath, explore the lay of the land, and see which is the best step to focus on next. This does not have to be a breakneck race around the globe, we do not have to compete in the Amazing Race, and we are not on Survivor. This is real life and what we want most is to be able to savor every exquisite second of it to the absolute fullest.