Ukulele Family in Hawaii

Well, that has a nice ring to it. Yes, we are here. Our trailer arrived safely. We have moved into our little apartment in East Honolulu and my huge list of things to do is gradually shrinking. My job as an archaeologist seems to be everything I’ve ever wanted in a career – but without the huge paycheck I sometimes dreamed of – I get to study history, language, geology, antiques, architecture, and more and my firm has a cool lab and ongoing projects. It’s not an Indiana Jones sort of archaeology, but I’ve got my hat and whip ready. In the meantime, I am still selling books on Amazon and will be selling in a booth at this coming weekend’s All Colector’s show in Honolulu. Sophia is registered in school and Hanane has the internet and is job searching. There has been a lot to do and I can’t believe I’ve managed to do it all in the ten days we have been here…but sometimes when things are meant to be, you simply find yourself in the flow if you allow it. A few days ago Sophia said “I don’t ever want to leave Hawai’i.” I’m of the same mind. This is home and I want it to always be home – but, that being said, I’m not against working to be in the position where we can travel and see the world without giving up our home in Hawai’i. We have not been playing our ukuleles much but we have been pretty busy…if I’m honest about it – it sometimes seems I’m the only one who loves to play my uke but yesterday I finally coerced Sophia to sing some songs and play her Kala and she was great and enjoyed it. I wish I would have filmed it but it is sometimes hard to get her to focus on what she is doing if a camera is on her. There is more work to do – and I need to get to it, but I wanted to give a brief update about what is happening here.