Our Causes

We are very lucky to be able to do what we are doing and we are grateful for everything we have been blessed with in this life. That gratitude is one of the most important lessons we want to teach our daughter and share with the people we encounter on this journey. Hanane and I both believe strongly in giving back and helping to make the world a better place, that is the reason why we want to use our journey and experiences to bring attention to the causes support. When we explained this to Sophia, she immediately told us that she wanted to help animals. We all agreed that if we can do anything to help animals or bring attention to causes that help animals on our trip – we are going to do so.

Hanane has spent the last year working with special needs children. We are actively seeking a charity that aids special needs kids to partner with.

As for me (Christopher), I am looking for a charity which is focused on literacy and the arts for children – my childhood (and the rest of my life) was spent with books and I’ve always believed that the arts are how we communicate the most important aspects of our humanity. We are also looking for a charity that shares these values.

I will write more about our causes as we learn more.