Our First Sponsor! Ukulele Course for Kids by Raising Davinci

We are incredibly stoked to announce that we have our first sponsor. Amanda from Raising Davinci has provided us with their amazing Ukulele Course for kids for no charge. The course is great – we’ve already started it and find the workbook to be easy to understand and fun to follow – the videos are just the right length for short lessons and provide enough information to make sure that the ukulele play time which follows is productive and fun.

(To get to the course just follow the link above and you will find the ukulele course and the photography course for kids on the right sidebar.)

Amanda has a degree in fine arts and that comes through on the site – her background in photography means that we are really looking forward to taking her Photography Course for Kids too and what I particularly love is that Raising Davinci is a homeschool site that isn’t focused on religion, instead it is focused on creativity. The arts and literacy are important to me, but her site also has a strong focus on STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math. Her site has very quickly become a favorite of mine and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it too.

Raising Davinci is not only inspirational and educational – it’s also fun – which is what learning should always be!