The Universe Will Guide You

Wow. That’s all I can really say at the moment. I don’t want to presume to tell where the universe is sending us, but it all seems good. At the moment, things are really in flux. We had decided to accelerate the rate of our movement and no sooner were we positively moving forward than our landlord of four years decided to put her house on the market and gave us a 60-day eviction notice. We’ve been great tenants and she has been a great landlord – so there are no hard feelings about that. In fact, it’s a good decision on her part and for us, it is an affirmation from the universe that we have made the right decision – the decision to go to Hawai’i. So, in the house we found ourselves with a necessity to move by the end of July and since Solarfest is in mid-August – we decided to let our tickets go and let ourselves go to Hawai’i in July…which means all the stuff has to go by the end of June. With our decision to slow down and not rush pull-mell into a trip around the world – came the decision to get Sophia in school once we get in Hawai’i. Classes start there August 1 – so the Solarfest no-go decision was affirmed as well. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed to miss the eclipse and festival but after seeing the Frye Festival melt down – I am a bit doubtful about the small Oregon town’s hosting for the eclipse being prepared to deal with a Burning Man or bigger type of festival…lord knows that the little Oregon town we live in would be a mess and the festival would probably be a huge disaster and we are already in a tourist area…so, those are my tiny little sour grapes…it will probably suck anyway. I hope not. My sister and her kids are still going and I hope they have a wonderful time – we, in the meantime will be having a wonderful time in Hawai’i as we figure out our life there. And that seems to be where the universe has been pointing us all along – to build a life in the islands. My heart has always considered Kailua on windward Oahu home – but after nearly a decade of not being there – friends tell me that it has become another Waikiki – I love Waikiki as well – but it’s not what I dream about when I dream of Kailua. I dream of a slow and easy, laid back beach town with empty beaches and easy smiles – which is not what Kailua is known for these days. I will head to Hawai’i in a couple of days to lay the groundwork for our future. I will spend a couple of days on Oahu and then head over to Hilo on the Big Island – something has been pulling me towards Hilo for a while now…I have a very strong feeling that we are going to end up not very far from there.

So, there is a lot going on and a lot to do. We’ve also been playing our ukuleles quite a lot. I play more than Sophia and Sophia plays more than Hanane, but Hanane is playing more than she was. Part of the problem was that her Martin Smith ukulele sounded terrible. She wasn’t playing it at all so I sold it (and made a profit on it!) and then I saw an estate sale with an old vintage Harmony uke from the 1940s – it was dusty and the strings sounded horrible and I grabbed it for $7.50! Once I cleaned and polished it and put new strings on it – it became a real beauty with a classic tone that sounds wonderful. And now, Hanane is starting to get into the feel of it. So, we really are the Ukulele Family and we really are getting ready to go to Hawai’i.

I’m trying to learn to navigate the world of hotel and airline credit cards and points while at the same time reducing, reducing, reducing and making the plans for our forthcoming life-changing adventure. There is more happening than I can write about right now because I don’t want to jinx anything by spilling the beans or presuming to know where the universe is sending us. I have changed my motto from “All there is to it, is to do it” which fostered a sort of all speed and no control lifestyle to “Tie your camel and trust God” which means to do as much as you humanly can to move towards the life you want but then to trust the universal guide to put you where you need to be. It’s a positive change. My old motto fostered a sort of young man’s devil may care attitude and my new motto is more of a wiseman’s approach to life. I’ve evolved from Aesop’s hare to Aesop’s turtle. Or maybe that’s a bad analogy….anyway, I’ve gone from all speed and no control to the fastest speed possible while maintaining as much control as is possible. Approaching the wisdom of the serenity prayer. God grant me the strength and courage to make the changes I can. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. God grant me the wisdom to know the difference.